Why Membership Benefits group

Membership Benefits Group works with a number of different products and insurance carriers which may vary by your specific employer or union.  


Membership Benefits Group provides protection through superior insurance to America’s most vulnerable segment of the population, working families.

This is accomplished by establishing a partnership between employee and employer or union that allows us to make available benefits programs to enhance and fill the gaps in standard benefits packages.  Membership Benefits Group specializes in supplemental and group insurance benefits for State and Municipal employees.

Member Services

At Membership Benefits Group, we provide answers to life’s important questions like, will you have enough income should you get sick and will your family be cared for?  How will final expenses be paid for when a loved one passes away?  How will you pay your co-pays and deductibles in case of a hospital stay?   Together, we’ll answer these questions and help you plan for protection.

Call: (877) 208-LIFE (5433)  
Email: mailto:Info@MembershipBenefitsGroup.com

Not sure what you need? Please reach out to us at (877) 208-LIFE (5433) to find out what benefits you are eligible for.

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